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Bio-Mex All Natural Cleaner

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Bio-Mex Cleaner

Bio-Mex is the all-natural wonder cleaner from Germany with a worldwide following. This environmentally friendly cleaning product is 100% biodegradable and non-toxic.

The Bio-Mex cleaning solution cleans and shines and is safe for your family and your environment.

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Bio-Mex is an effective cleaner for all surfaces.




Cars & Boats



Just to name a few.

Bio-Mex Properties

Bio-Mex is 100% bio-degradeable

Bio-Mex is NON-toxic

Bio-Mex is NON-abrasive

Bio-Mex is useful on a wide range of applications

Bio-Mex is an ALL-IN-ONE cleaner

Bio-Mex In Action

Bio-Mex Piece Of Mind

Bio-Mex is a natural cleaning product with no harsh chemicals or chlorine agents that can give off fumes that harm your family. Bio-Mex is completely natural and is 100 bio-degradable. When you use Bio-Mex you have the piece of mind knowing that you’re doing the right thing by your family and the right thing by the environment. Bio-Mex is a family friendly and environmentally friendly all natural cleaner.

  • Bio-Mex is all natural
  • Bio-Mex is suitable for allergy suffers
  • Bio-Mex is suitable for allergy suffers
  • Bio-Mex is 100% bio-degradable
  • Bio-Mex is safe for your family and you environment

Bio-Mex All-In-One Cleaner

Bio-Mex is an versatile cleaner that cleans everything from your from your kitchen surfaces and your kitchen pots and pans to your shower to your windows to your greasy bicycle. Bio-Mex replaces all your other cleaners with a single easy to use all-in-one cleaner.

  • Bio-Mex cleans dirty pots and pans
  • Bio-Mex shines tapware and chrome surfaces
  • Bio-Mex cleans car rims of brake and road dust
  • Bio-Mex cleans windows
  • Bio-Mex cleans gold and jewellery

Bio-Mex’ versatility means you can take advantage of its clean green cleaning ability in more places. There is no need to use harsh chemical and other cleaning agents when Bio-Mex cleans so well in so many different application.

People Love Bio-Mex

We’re very happy here at Gold Coast Hardware Supply to have secured our supply of Bio-Mex. It’s a tremendously popular product with a following that borders on fanatical. Once our customers have used Bio-Mex they are converted. Until recently we’ve had trouble supplying Bio-Mex to our regular Bio-Mex converts but we have secured enough Bio-Mex to supply Australia-wide. We’re offering this amazing cleaning product for sale online so everyone can have an opportunity to try the Bio-Mex all natural cleaner experience for themselves.

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